Julianne Moore Can’t Stop Hitting Herself In Carrie Clip, Plus New Image Shows Infamous Shower Scene


Even with Carrie landing in theaters tomorrow, Screen Gems is inexplicably still managing to find new footage and images from the horror remake to splash across the internet. We’ve covered the Carrie publicity campaign pretty thoroughly so far, but there’s still time for one more clip, this one with the self-explanatory title, “Stop Hurting Yourself!”

In this small segment, the eponymous tragic hero (Chloë Grace Moretz) comes home to find her religious wackjob of a mother (Julianne Moore) punishing herself for some unseen offense by slamming her head into a wall. Horrified, Carrie runs to her mother’s side and has to scream to get her attention:

Though the clip is very short, clocking in at only sixteen seconds, it’s plain to see why Screen Gems thought to release it. In just a few seconds, Moretz’s facial expressions drag the viewer into her fear, uncertainty and anger. Moore’s sickly appearance and bizarre actions are equally intriguing.

Carrie is relying heavily on its two leads, as it should. From what we’ve seen in the array of released clips and trailers, Moretz looks absolutely terrific in the role Sissy Spacek originally snagged a Best Actress nomination for. Moore also has a loyal fanbase, and her physical appearance in the marketing campaign certainly suggests serious commitment to the role (which Piper Laurie originated and earned an Oscar nomination for).

In addition to the clip, Screen Gems has also unveiled a new set of images from the film. Most excitingly, we get a look at the infamous shower scene (which will obviously be toned down from the very naked original version due to Moretz’s age). There are also shots of two of the remake’s supporting actresses – Gabriella Wilde as the well-intentioned Sue Snell and Zoe Belkin as school bully Tina Blake.

Will you be in line for Carrie? Or are you of the opinion that this remake can only be inferior to the original? Let us know in the comments section!

Carrie opens tomorrow, October 18th.