Jungle Cruise Producer Teases A Global Adventure In Disney Sequel

Jungle Cruise

As the title would suggest, Disney’s nascent Jungle Cruise franchise would appear to be fairly pigeonholed in terms of where the action takes place. After all, it’s difficult to imagine a Pirates of the Caribbean movie taking place in a landlocked nation in Europe, so the sequel to the Mouse House’s latest theme park adaptation is hardly going to take place in the frozen tundras of the Arctic.

Then again, the creative team could technically work their way around it were the film set in a concrete jungle, but we can at least guarantee that the scope and scale is going to expand. During a recent interview with The Wrap, producer Hiram Garcia teased that Jungle Cruise 2 is poised to go global.

The benefit of the series being a period piece is that there was much more forestry dotted around the globe 100 years ago, which in turn opens up more locations for Dwayne Johnson’s Frank Wolff and Emily Blunt’s Lily Houghton to head on their next fantastical adventure.

“I think one thing fans can expect is our heroes covering more territory. Our first movie mainly went between London and the Amazon, but for this next adventure we have much bigger plans. That coupled with the joy of seeing how Frank and Lilly’s relationship continues to evolve are just a few of the many things we’ve been having fun playing with as we break story.”

Jungle Cruise

Garcia teased that the A-list central pairing have already been coming up with some fantastic ideas, and having been received by audiences as one of this summer’s most popular blockbusters, there’s a solid audience in place ready to see much more from Jungle Cruise in the years to come.