Juno Temple And Evan Peters Are Snap-Happy Lovers In Trailer For Safelight



A new trailer for contemporary road trip drama, Safelight, has arrived online courtesy of Indiewire. Written and directed by Tony Aloupis, who made his directorial debut on the movie, it originally acquired attention under the name Truck Stop before it was recently retitled. Whatever its monicker, there’s no doubt the light is shining firmly on the film’s two rising stars, Evan Peters and Juno Temple.

In the 70s-set movie, the pair play a couple of friends, Charles and Vicki, who wend their way up the California coast in a bright red convertible. He’s on a mission to snap photos of every lighthouse on their route for a photography contest, and she’s a runaway without anywhere else to go. Their relationship is explored via the good old road trip framework that usually offers plenty of scope for introspection and heady life realizations.

Peters, hot off the back of his whirlwind performance as Quicksilver in X-Men: Days Of Future Past, appears far more relaxed as he inhabits a persona we’ve yet to see him portray onscreen. Together with Temple, who continues to impress in every single role, their chemistry is of the charming whimsy variety than steamy romance type. Considering the movie is Aloupis’ feature debut – a follow-on from his short, Sugar – he’s clearly got a good grasp on how to wring out the excitement you only get from a stint on the road.

Safelight is expected to land sometime in 2015. Until it arrives, though, be sure to head on over to Indiewire and check out the trailer.

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