Jurassic Park 4 Lands A Director In Colin Treverrow

Steven Spielberg may be on board as executive producer for Jurassic Park 4, following Kathleen Kennedy’s recent departure from the project, but now its confirmed that he’s passed on the directorial duties. Luckily, Safety Not Guaranteed helmer, Colin Treverrow has been announced today as the director of the flick, which is scheduled to open on June 13th, 2014.

Selecting Treverrow as the man on whose shoulders the Jurassic legacy will rest is quite an unusual choice. His biggest and only success so far was the indie shoe-gazer time travel flick, Safety Not Guaranteed. With his resume of work not exactly screaming “Hollywood blockbuster,” it’s likely he had a cracking meeting with Spielberg and convinced him that he’s the chap for the job.

The success of the first trilogy of Jurassic Park films guaranteed that a fourth would be given the greenlight, what with the combined box office gross for all three totalling $767 million worldwide. With the franchise having sat dormant for over a decade, expect casting announcements and further pre-production details to flood the interweb in coming weeks. Laura Dern has made it known that she entered talks with Spielberg, although nothing was confirmed.

The miniscule amount known about the flick is that Rise of The Planet of the Apes scribblers, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver were brought in to write the screenplay. So far, nothing has been revealed with regards to if it’s a reboot or a continuation of the previous outings.

Recent reports speculated on the likelihood of Jurassic Park 4 shooting in Louisiana this summer, at Raleigh Studios. This was announced yesterday after a New Orleans newspaper reported that Universal, the studio producing the movie, booked the studio in a block from April to November this year.  No official word has emerged from Universal or Raleigh, but as the film has a firm release date for next summer, it’s likely to be JP4.

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