Jurassic World Gets A New Comic-Con Poster

Jurassic World

With the coming of Comic-Con every year, fans can look forward to a slew of rumors, news and promotion for all the big upcoming blockbusters. With only a few days now to go until Comic-Con 2014, that stream has slowly begun, and today we’ve got our first glimpse at an excellent piece of promotion for the movie I’m most excited for: Jurassic World.

This poster, which was done by Mark Englert, doesn’t go crazy with the photoshopped images or other digital effects. Instead, it just shows a raptor perched on top of a truck that looks very similar to the car the T-Rex attacked in the original Jurassic Park. While some fans may be looking for a more fearsome dinosaur or a better look at the plot of the film, this is the sort of poster I would love to snag a print of for my collection. It’s simple and tasteful, which is much more important in a poster than seeing the main actors placed into some scene.

In terms of what we can learn from this one-sheet, it’s hard to completely say, but you’ll notice in the full-sized shot below that there’s a nest with eggs in the wreckage of the truck. Clearly if it was known that there were raptors running around in the woods laying eggs, it’d be something that whoever is running the park now would want to stop. This could spell trouble for the construction crews in the background, or mean something even worse if construction is completed and tourists arrive before those baby raptors are found.

We’ve still got a long time to speculate, as Jurassic World doesn’t stomp into theaters until June 12, 2015, but in the meantime, this is definitely a great teaser.

It won’t be long until plenty more posters, images and trailers are coming our way from Comic-Con, so be sure to check back for everything from the convention, including anything we hear about Jurassic World.

Jurassic World