Jurassic World Director Colin Trevorrow Outlines His Creative Involvement In The 2018 Sequel


Though his ongoing commitment to Star Wars: Episode IX forced (!) him to vacate the director’s chair, Colin Trevorrow is still actively involved in the development of Jurassic World 2.

Not only did he contribute to the sequel’s screenplay with co-writer Derek Connolly, but Trevorrow also holds an executive producer credit on the as-yet-untitled blockbuster, which recently stomped past the halfway point in production. Indeed, Jurassic World 2 is seemingly shaping up to be a nerve-racking thrill ride – even more nerve-racking than the first, according to Colin Trevorrow himself – and while doing the rounds to promote his soon-to-be-released drama, The Book of Henry, the filmmaker spoke with Coming Soon about Universal’s gestating dino sequel.

When asked how he juggled Jurassic World 2 with his workload for Episode IX, Colin Trevorrow began by outlining each sequel’s respective production timeline.

That script had to be delivered for a February shoot. And we had to think of Star Wars somewhat simultaneously…While we were in the early stages of story on Star Wars, we shot Jurassic at Pinewood. Now, we’re wrapping in about a month and everyone is going to Hawaii.

Turns out that Trevorrow was more involved in the creative process than he initially planned, and all of that comes down to his deep-seated love for the Jurassic franchise. And after blowing the cobwebs off one of cinema’s greatest franchises, roping in Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, and watching on as Jurassic World‘s box office cume soared past $1.6 billion, can you really blame him?

Per Coming Soon:

Jurassic ended up taking up more time and attention than I expected just because I care about it so much. I surprised myself by how much I wanted to be there for J.A. [Bayona], just as a writer. I remember directing a Jurassic Park movie and how much I would have loved to have a writer to think about the dailies and wonder what alterations we could make that would make it that much more effective. I was there with him every day to try and provide something for him that I didn’t have myself.

With Jurassic World 2 inching closer to the finish line, it won’t be too much longer before Juan Antonio Bayona’s monstrous sequel bows in theaters. June 22nd, 2018 is the date for your diaries, just don’t hold your breath for that first teaser trailer.

Source: Coming Soon

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