Jurassic World Director And Producers Congratulate Star Wars On Its Box Office Success


Records are meant to be broken, and that’s exactly what Star Wars: The Force Awakens did by easily topping the North American opening weekend haul earned by Jurassic World back in the summer. The fact that it’s no longer the record holder takes nothing away from Jurassic World of course, and being beaten by the new Star Wars movie was always expected.

Regardless, just like Marvel were a good sport earlier this year when they congratulated Jurassic World for topping The Avengers, so too has the team at Universal, as evidenced by the poster below.


It’s a pretty cool move, and one which is almost expected seeing as Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow is going to be taking the helm of Star Wars Episode IX. Looking ahead to the next few years, it’s going to be very interesting to see which movies come close to, or potentially break, the new record set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Could Jurassic World 2 or Star Wars Episode VIII take the crown? That’s the question on everyone’s minds, but unfortunately, it will be some time before we find out.

Back to Star Wars: The Force Awakens though, and fans of the franchise are on the edge of their seats as they wait and see whether or not the movie can top Avatar‘s huge worldwide haul of $2.7 billion. We’re feeling confident that it can, but what you think? Sound off below and let us know!