‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ director teases big roles for new dinosaurs

jurassic world dominion
Image via Universal Pictures

The internet was taken by surprise yesterday when the five-minute prologue for Jurassic World: Dominion dropped, and it didn’t take long before the third installment in the trilogy was one of the top trending topics on Twitter.

Nobody was expecting Universal to unveil the footage so early, with the movie still seven months away from release, but the early reactions would make it abundantly clear that everybody’s glad they did. Colin Trevorrow is back in the director’s chair to round things out having ceded predecessor Fallen Kingdom to J.A. Bayona, and he’s looking to return in style.

Speaking to IGN in celebration of the prologue’s release, the filmmaker teased that some of the new dinosaurs glimpsed in the footage are poised to make a major impact in Dominion.

“In this movie we really get to show some dinosaurs that I love that we’ve been holding onto for a long time, knowing we had the chance to go back to the cretaceous period and see the oviraptor and the giganotosaurus. Several of these are going to play major roles in the film itself.

I really like the moros intrepidus, a very recently discovered dinosaur. It looks a little bit like a T-Rex, but it’s [much smaller]. It’s in the movie too, but we’re introducing it [in the prequel]. I like small dinosaurs, maybe because as a kid I imagined having one as a pet. I love that we managed to take something that really was discovered months earlier. We saw an article about it, we looked into it, and we were able to put it into the movie.”

The ending of Fallen Kingdom set up a brand new spin on the formula, with dinosaurs now free and roaming the Earth, where they’ll be looking to reclaim their spot at the top of the food chain. It’s an awesome premise in theory, so we can only hope that Trevorrow and his team manage to live up to expectations that are going to be through the roof by the time Jurassic World: Dominion arrives in June 2022.