Jurassic World 2’s J.A. Bayona Would Love To Direct A Superman Movie


It’s not too controversial to say that Henry Cavill’s take on Superman hasn’t exactly been a huge success. While the actor’s not necessarily at fault, the way that director Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. have chosen to portray the iconic hero hasn’t sat well with most fans, with a lot of people actually preferring Tyler Hoechlin’s take on the character over on The CW’s Supergirl. But Cavill isn’t going anywhere, and as such, the only hope we have for a brighter, more cheerful Supes is getting some new blood behind the camera.

Currently, there aren’t any plans for the Man of Steel beyond Justice League (a rumored Shazam! appearance aside), but when we do eventually get another solo outing for the Big Blue Boy Scout, many believe that Snyder won’t be in charge of it. In fact, several filmmakers have already thrown their hat in the ring, hoping to direct Man of Steel 2 once it’s inevitably confirmed, and today, we can add one more to the list.

In a Reddit AMA, J.A. Bayona, who’s behind the recent festival favorite A Monster Calls and the upcoming Jurassic World 2, said that the original Superman film is what made him want to become a director in the first place and that he’d love to get behind the camera for a sequel to Man of Steel.

“The first movie I saw in my life was Superman. I was three years old. The first memory I had was Christopher Reeve flying in the suit. Directing a Superman film would be great. I always wanted to be Superman. That’s the film that made me want to become a director.”

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While Warner Bros. hasn’t yet announced any plans for another solo Superman outing, if they do, Bayona could stand a good chance of getting the job. The director’s on an exciting hot streak at the moment and while Jurassic World 2 will be his biggest project to date, if he can pull it off and deliver a smash hit with the sequel, he’ll be able to pick just about any project he wants for his next job.

That being said, the studio may already have someone in mind for Man of Steel 2, and for all we know Snyder could end up helming it himself. At this point, nothing’s been announced so we really don’t know what Warner Bros. is planning for Supes. Right now, all we can say for sure is that he’ll be appearing in Justice League. After that, it’s anyone’s guess. We imagine that he will get another solo outing at some point, but the studio could always choose to go in a different direction.

Personally, we’d be all for having Bayona come in and direct. The DC Extended Universe desperately needs some new blood and WB would be wise to remove Snyder going forward. Most likely, they’re waiting to see how Justice League performs before making any further decisions on Superman and any of the other characters, but if Bayona’s still interested when the time comes, the studio may want to take a meeting with him.

Tell us, assuming Warner Bros. moves ahead with Man of Steel 2, who would you like to see direct? Sound off down below and let us know!