Just David Lynch interrupting his daily YouTube weather report to stan Lana Del Rey

David Lynch

American icon David Lynch is a mystery. He does what he wants. The director of classics like Mulholland Drive, Eraserhead, and Twin Peaks has a Youtube channel where he gives a daily weather report (because of course he does).

On Dec. 2, he appeared in his vlogging shades with his signature gray locks coiffed and gave the report like he usually does when grounding us in space and time, “Good morning,” the director said. “It’s Dec. 2, 2021. And it’s a Thursday.” So far, so good. He’s set the stage as any master director would.

The YouTube weatherman is next to a window, and it looks fairly foggy outside, so he addresses that next.

“Here in LA, a heavy, dense fog. Very still right now. Fifty-two degrees Fahrenheit. Around 11 Celcius.”

His cadence is signature Lynch – slow and methodical but also hypnotizing. The man could read the dictionary and make it sound like angels talking. Surely more weather coming at us next, right?

Actually no. Here’s where it gets Lynchian, with a beautiful non-sequitur.

“Today, I was thinking about Lana Del Rey and her song “Video Games” from 2011.” It’s the kind of so wrong it’s right transition that turned Lana Del Rey into a star seemingly overnight with the “Video Games” video from 2011.

And then he just…goes back into the weather. It’s pretty incredible to watch.

Take a look below.

People are understandably in love with this. That little snippet got him trending, with people watching the clip tens of thousands of times.

Here are some of the responses.

Her fans remember that she’s spoken about wanting to collaborate with the director before. “I would love to do anything with David Lynch,” she told NME in 2015. “I don’t know too much about what’s going on but I certainly love the original TV series and his movies since then.”

Lynch is equally transfixed, “She’s got fantastic charisma, and this is a very interesting thing. It’s like she’s born out of another time.

Who needs context when we’re dealing with Lynch?

Here’s another fun term – “Lynchbait.”

It’s hard to tell what’s better, Lynch’s slow, syncopated delivery or the fact that his comment just comes out of nowhere. However, I think we could be seeing “Today I was thinking about Lana Del Rey” T-shirts soon.

Lynch’s next project is reportedly called Wisteria. No word yet on whether Del Rey will appear in it. But he might be thinking about it. He does that.