Justice League Action Figure Images Feature Superman, Batman And The Flash


With a film as big as Justice Leagueeverything surrounding the production prior to its release is pored over with a fine tooth-comb by ardent fans in the hopes of finding out anything not previously revealed. Often, it’s the merchandising that gives away plot details, new costumes or unrevealed characters, and that’s exactly the case today.

Already, we’ve been given our first look at the villainous Steppenwolfthe upgraded Batmobile and the Flying Fox thanks to sneak peaks at action figures, and now, Toy Hype USA has shared some images of a few more that place the spotlight on three of the heroes. Though they don’t reveal anything revolutionary, the toys do give us another look at how these characters will be depicted in the upcoming team-up movie. Specifically, the action figures showcased here are of Superman, Batman and the Flash.

Supes’ toy features a Man of Steel who could easily be based on the version previously seen in Batman V Superman. That’s because he sports the usual red and blue suit and not the black one that we’re led to believe he’ll be donning in Justice League once he returns from the dead. Superman’s stern facial expressions should also be noted, as they suggest that Henry Cavill’s Kryptonian won’t have much of a change of personality after his resurrection.

Batman’s action figure, meanwhile, also depicts the vigilante in his usual outfit, the darker-colored version of the bulky armour he wore in BvS, and not the sleeker outfit with the goggles that some images have shown the character wearing in the movie. The figure also comes with a couple of guns as accessories, proving that Batman will be packing heat once again in Justice League. 

Finally, the Flash figure does a good job of nailing Ezra Miller’s features and the intricacies of the armoured costumed, but there’s not too much of note about it. A nice touch though is the image that has the Scarlet Speedster replicating Miller’s prayer-like stance seen in one scene featured in the trailers.

Thankfully, we’ll get to see Batman, the Flash and Superman in the flesh when Justice League at last arrives on November 17th.

Source: Toy Hype USA