Latest Justice League Promo Image Offers New Look At Batman


You can never have too many shots of Ben Affleck looking awesome in his Bat suit and the Justice League marketing department is happy to oblige on that front.

The latest promo poster for the upcoming DC team-up movie features a mid-range look at Batman and was first shared by users on Reddit. It’s an interesting image, too. For one, the focus seems to be on the torso of the Dark Knight rather than his face, with his iconic pointy ears cropped off at the top of the picture.

The unusual focus really showcases the detail on the suit, though. In particular, the almost chainmail-like texture of the armour truly sells how tough and durable it is. We’ve come a long way since the moulded rubber musculature of Tim Burton’s Batman movies, haven’t we?

This photo of the Bat follows on from a batch of Justice League posters which landed the other day. The three new images featured all six heroes together – including Henry Cavill’s Superman, who has been notoriously absent from most of the movie’s promotional material. It was always a weird decision – everyone and their dog knows that the Man of Steel will come back from the dead in the film – so it’s good to see that DC are starting to include him more. Though, naturally, Batman is still stealing the show. Why? Because he’s… well, you know.

Speaking of which, Batfleck fans should enjoy their time with the actor in the role of the Dark Knight while they can, as there are a number of conflicting reports stating he may or may not be vacating to the part at some point in the future. Even though Affleck himself recently declared at San Diego Comic-Con that he loves playing the character, we imagine there will be plenty more rumours to come on the subject.

For now, though, the actor will be joined by Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa and an all-star ensemble cast for Justice League when it lands in cinemas on November 17th.

Source: Reddit