Justice League Predicted To Have Second-Best DCEU Box Office Opening


The box office projections for Justice League are here and they predict that the much anticipated team-up extravaganza is going to earn the second biggest opening weekend of any DC Extended Universe movie after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Box Office Pro is projecting that the flick will make an impressive $150 million in domestic gross over its first three days in cinemas. If this is similar to how things actually play out come November, it’ll place the movie just behind BvS, which pulled in $166 million over that same period. For comparison with the rest of the DCEU, Suicide Squad earned $133 million, Man of Steel managed $116 million and finally, Wonder Woman opened to $103 million.

Overall, these predictions peg Justice League for a total domestic gross of $330 million, which would put it level with BvS and a little above Suicide Squad‘s $325 million and Man of Steel‘s $291 million. Wonder Woman is expected to reign supreme, however, with its record-breaking $400 million gross.

It’s fair to say that DC would be very happy if the real figures turn out to be close to these initial projections. And there’s a good chance that they will be. Whatever the wavering critical reception of these films, the DCEU has always produced surefire moneymakers, and seeing as Justice League is the movie that all of these films have been working towards since 2013, audiences are expected to flock to it in droves.

Whether the film keeps its box office gross steady following its opening weekend is another question entirely, and will heavily depend on whether its reviews are mostly positive or not. Thankfully for the studio, early reactions are pointing to Justice League following on from Wonder Woman as another hit. In fact, the recent test screening had people describing the film as “epic.” Then again, we also heard the same thing about Batman V Superman and we all know how that ended up turning out, right?

One way or another, we’ll soon see how Justice League does at box office for real as it’s all set to open big on November 17th.