Justice League Gets New Bromance Trailer Alongside Digital Release


Now that Justice League is available for consumption in digital format, the folks over at Warner Bros. are expectedly doing all they can to promote it. As such, newly cut trailers are finding their way online, each of which may be markedly different from those that accompanied the theatrical release.

As it turns out, the video package we’re discussing today may very well become ammunition for those hoping the elusive Zack Snyder cut will one day see the light of day. Titled “Bromance,” this particular promo has Joss Whedon’s fingerprints all over it, being chock full of footage that was recorded during his reshoots.

Sure, I may have liked how Batman was depicted for the most part in the film, but there were various occasions where he was given dialogue that was very much out of character – and this thing plays like a supercut of that.

Now, I’m usually all for showing Superman and Batman to be best buddies because that’s often how they work best in animation and comics, not to mention how most moviegoers would’ve preferred seeing them in their live action meetup. And while that’s kind of gotten across here, I can’t help but think this’ll be used as a catalyst for some steamy slash fiction over on Tumblr.

All that aside, let’s hope that this dynamic is used as a springboard if indeed Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck’s respective versions of Superman and Batman are ever again able to meet up in live action. I know that Flashpoint is on the tip of your tongue, but it’s hard to predict how faithful to the comic that’ll be, especially when we expect for the Thomas Wayne version of the Dark Knight to take up more screentime in that flick if indeed it adheres closely to the source material.

Justice League is now available digitally, with Blu-ray and DVD releases coming on March 13 (pre-order here).