Justice League Cast Get Evasive When Asked About Green Lantern


Justice League is a hulking beast of a film with many moving parts, that much we know. But beyond the inevitable resurrection of Superman, there’s another DC icon who has been tipped for a cameo role.

We are, of course, referring to Green Lantern, the galactic superhero who safeguards the universe and everyone in it. Rumors of Hal Jordan enjoying a small appearance in Zack Snyder’s ensemble movie have been circulating for months – years, even – but things really escalated back in July, when Justice League‘s SDCC trailer ended with a shot of Alfred (Jeremy Irons) coming into contact with an offscreen ally. “He said you’d come; let’s just hope you’re not too late.”

It’s a scene that has been picked apart ad nauseam, with some fans claiming that a strange, greenish glow can be spotted in Alfred’s glasses. Alas, the jury’s still out on that one, but all signs do point to Jordan showing up for some kind of cameo and when quizzed about it this past weekend, the Justice League cast got a little evasive, seemingly doing their best to avoid spoiling the surprise.

Admittedly, both Ben Affleck and Ray Fisher handle the question well here, and though their responses are hardly confirmation that Green Lantern is indeed in the film, it does seem like they’re trying to hold back on revealing the character’s involvement. After all, at this stage, there’s been an overwhelming amount of evidence to suggest that the hero will appear for a cameo, at the very least, and it’d be pretty surprising if that turned out to not be the case.

Regardless, we don’t have long to go now before we find out, as Justice League debuts in theaters on November 17th, at which point, all will be revealed. It looks destined for box office glory, too, particularly now that analysts have predicted a strong opening weekend in the region of $120 million. And that’s before word of mouth was factored into the equation.