Justice League Concept Art Shows Batman Mowing Down Parademons With The Nightcrawler


When it comes to superhero team-up movies, one scene that’s often remembered among others is that of the one when they all come together for the first time. In the case of Justice League, that happened to be when they first went toe-to-toe with Steppenwolf and a horde of Parademons, while also trying to rescue a number of civilians.

But, as it turned out, things didn’t entirely go their way, because while they did get some of those innocents out alive, they did so by the skin of their teeth. Perhaps it was because that only two among them were seasoned warriors – those being Batman and Wonder Woman – while Cyborg, Aquaman and the Flash were all pretty much rookies when it came to stuff like this.

Still, we got to see the Dark Knight debut another expensive vehicle on the big screen in the process, that being the Nightcrawler. Big enough to transport multiple heroes, it also proved to be a great offensive tool, effectively mowing down some of the aforementioned Parademons.

Knowing that this would be a pivotal scene in the movie, it’s understandable that it’d be among those most intricately plotted. Giving us a glimpse into the process is concept artist Joshua Viers, who posted some preliminary images on his ArtStation account showing Batman getting his money’s worth out of his latest technological feat.

As we can see from what’s offered in the gallery above, there’s a strong resemblance to what was seen in Justice League‘s final cut. The Parademons, however, appear to be more insect-like, bearing some likeness to Resident Evil 4‘s Novistadors. Regardless, you have to admit that what we’re looking at today is pretty pleasing to the eye.