Justice League Continues To Perform Well At Overseas Box Office


Maybe there’s still hope for Justice League, after all?

After getting off to a rocky start at the box office last week, pulling in a very underwhelming $94 million on home turf, it now sounds like the pic could end up making an alright finish thanks to its run in various international markets. It’s still struggling domestically, mind you, earning only $40.7 million over the Thanksgiving weekend, but overseas it’s an entirely different story.

On the other side of the world, Justice League generated $72 million across 66 markets this weekend, bringing its global haul to a decent $481 million, while its international total stands at $309.8 million, led by $83.1 million in China. All in all, this is hardly terrible box office business, but for what’s undoubtedly the DCEU’s most important and highly anticipated film yet, you’ve gotta imagine that the suits at Warner Bros. are sweating over these numbers.

Sure, it’ll definitely pull in a lot more money before its theatrical run is done, but from what we understand, Justice League is said to be staring down the face of a $50m-$100m loss – Forbes did the number crunching earlier this week and revealed that Warner’s DC epic must collect $600 million in ticket sales alone if it’s to make it into the black. Closing in on $500 million, it may very well hit that mark, but even then, that’d just allow WB to break even.

So, where does that leave the future of the DCEU? Well, the franchise obviously won’t crumble because of this, but it’s clear that things will be changing as we move forward. Whether or not the studio can still steer this whole thing back on track remains to be seen, but it’ll be fascinating to watch how their cinematic universe continues to grow and expand in the wake of Justice League, which is most definitely being labelled a disappointment.