New Justice League Video Takes Us Behind The Scenes With The Cast


With Justice League now just around the corner, the movie’s marketing campaign is about to get one last push before DC’s heroes unite for the first time in cinemas next month. As part of that, a new behind-the-scenes video has landed courtesy of Warner Bros. Germany, which sees the cast talking about their costumes.

Some highlights of the short clip include Jason Momoa revealing that he had one of his few “fan freakout moments” on set when the five actors first showed up together in costume. In particular, he was struck dumb by seeing Ben Affleck suited and booted as Batman. “I’d just walk around you, kind of checking you out,” he hilariously admits to his co-star.

Affleck also explained that his least favourite costume to wear was the tactical Batsuit, which will be introduced in Justice League, as the extra goggles ensured he had almost no flesh showing from head to toe. This earns a joking response from Gadot about her own revealing Wonder Woman outfit: “At least you were covered!”

Ray Fisher, meanwhile, can’t share their pain, as he chats about how he got to wear comfortable “pajamas” due to his CGI Cyborg suit being added later in post-production. Momoa also reveals that Miller had to be “screwed into” his Flash armour, which weighed about 20 pounds.

The video is also worth a watch for some new behind-the-scenes shots that we haven’t seen before, as they reveal the green screen reality behind some of the already iconic moments we’ve glimpsed in the trailers (e.g. Batman standing on a gargoyle, Flash in his praying position, etc.).

Despite the niggles they might have had with their costumes, it’s clear from this video that the Justice League cast have a friendly, easy chemistry and loved playing these characters – which bodes well for the movie when it finally arrives on November 17th.