Justice League Dark Hit With Another Setback


Justice League Dark has been having a bit of a hard time getting off the ground. Once set to be directed by Guillermo del Toro, the project eventually fell into Doug Liman’s lap, at which point, it looked like things were good to go. However, the Edge of Tomorrow helmer shocked us all a few months back when he announced that he’d be walking from the film, citing scheduling conflicts as the reason for his departure.

Currently, Warner Bros. has yet to find a replacement, but from what we understand, the studio is aggressively searching for someone to fill the director’s chair and whoever they bring on board will “play a major role in the new” DC cinematic universe. For a while there, it sounded like It director Andy Muschietti and Argentinian filmmaker Damián Szifron were the top choices to replace Liman, with a few other contenders coming into contention as well, but now we have another update and it seems as if things have changed.

According to Variety reporter Justin Kroll, the project has suffered yet another setback as the script needs to be re-written after “recent presentations by directors underwhelmed studio execs.” It would seem then that Warner Bros. just wasn’t able to find a director – or find one who could get on board with the current script – and now, it’s back to the drawing board in what’s going to be another frustrating delay for the project.

It’s unknown who will be handling the re-write, but it seems like Justice League Dark has a long way to go now before entering production, as it’s currently without a script or director. The whole situation is pretty surprising, too, given that this is a property with a ton of potential and a pretty big fanbase. Not to mention that the animated adaptation we got earlier this year went over pretty well. For some reason, though, the flick just can’t get off the ground.

With Warner Bros. now re-writing the script, it’ll probably be some time before we get any substantial updates on what’s going on, but as soon as we hear more we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: Twitter