Justice League Dark Is Back On At Warner Bros.; New Story Details Emerge


Like Deadpool (which is now getting made, as you’ll hopefully already know), Justice League Dark/Dark Universe has become one of those movies where it’s hard to believe will ever come to fruition. Pacific Rim helmer Guillermo Del Toro has been attached to direct for years, but after he recently departed the project, it appeared as if that could be it for the long delayed release.

Well, a new report points to it finally happening thanks to prolific producer Scott Rudin (Steve Jobs). He and Warner Bros. are putting Justice League Dark on the fast track, with tweaks being made to the script and the hunt for a new director set to begin shortly. Very little is known about the movie, though Tracking Board does offer up the following plot synopsis:

“It involves a series of ancient tomes stolen by a madman hellbent on the destruction of humanity. When he learns of this, occult detective John Constantine seeks out a group of heroes that specialize in the mystic and arcane in order to save the world.”

That sounds like the kind of story most fans were expecting from this one, but even more interesting is the fact that the site confirms that Justice League Dark will indeed be set in the DC Extended Universe, with the plan to eventually have characters from this franchise to start showing up elsewhere (it’s probably too soon to start getting excited about a Justice League/Justice League Dark crossover, but it could happen down the line).

Two final pieces of very interesting information about the status of this movie is the fact that it’s expected to go into production next year, while Matt Ryan will not be reprising the role of Constantine on the big screen following his cancelled NBC series and upcoming appearance on Arrow.

It should be a lot of fun to see how Justice League Dark comes together over the coming months, and whether it actually happens this time. Fingers crossed, eh?

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