Zack Snyder’s Online Activity Has Fuelled Talk Of A Justice League Director’s Cut…Again


Suspicious activity on Zack Snyder’s Vero account has once again fuelled talk of a possible Justice League director’s cut.

Rumors of an alternate and/or extended version have been kicking around for months, and the conflicting reports online have only led to mass confusion – some believe Zack Snyder’s rough cut exists in some shape or form, while others have written off any such talk as wishful thinking.

Regardless of which side of the fence you find yourself on, or even if you’re perched somewhere in between, the conversation around the supposed Zack Snyder cut has been relentless, and this admittedly trivial ‘tidbit’ will only spark a renewed sense of interest in the director’s unfinished work.

So, the story goes that a Vero user recently shared a story from Screen Rant, only for Zack Snyder’s official account to “like” the same post. Cue the speculation.

And round and round we go. That’s not to say that Justice League was necessarily beyond saving – far from it, in fact – but the idea that Warner Bros. is in possession of a Zack Snyder cut seems increasingly unlikely. For one, his initial screening took place in January, a full 10 months before Justice League‘s theatrical release, meaning those in attendance were treated to some early test footage teeming with unfinished CGI and raw audio.

Justice League also wound up costing a pretty penny – rumor has it the production budget ballooned past $300 million once Whedon (Avengers, Batgirl) was brought on board – so we can’t imagine Warner Bros. will dump millions simply to complete an alternate (and presumably extended) cut of a feature that’s since been written off as one of the worst DCEU movies thus far.