Does This Justice League Easter Egg Set Up Gotham City Sirens?


Justice League might not be the hit that Warner Bros. were no doubt hoping it would be, but there really is much for fans to love in the movie – no one can deny that. As it brings together six of the DC universe’s biggest names, there’s a lot of history to draw from and, while it doesn’t have much time to do that in its surprisingly lean 120 minute runtime, it tries its best to call back to a few classic comic book arcs and characters, as well as paying homage to previous DC pics that have come before.

Those who’ve seen it will know that a fair bit of Justice League takes place in Gotham and the filmmakers don’t miss the opportunity to squeeze in a few references to Batman’s friends and foes along the way. For example, we get Alfred’s lament about the dangerous threat of Steppenwolf. “One misses the days when one’s biggest concerns were exploding. wind-up penguins,” says the faithful butler. This is obviously a reference to iconic Batman villain Oswald Cobblepot AKA the Penguin.

One that’s easier to miss, however, can be glimpsed when Batman is tussling with a Parademon at the beginning of the film and they pass a neon sign reading ‘Janus.’ The name of the two-faced Greek God, this ties in with the Greek myth leanings of the film and also brings to mind Harvey Dent AKA Two-Face. However, it’s most likely a nod to Janus Cosmetics, the company run by Roman Sionis AKA Black Mask. Could this be a reminder that he might be appearing in Gotham City Sirens?

For those unfamiliar with the character, Black Mask is a “brutally sadistic kingpin in Gotham City’s criminal underworld who has a fixation with masks.” We haven’t seen him live-action just yet, but he has shown up in various animated projects as well as the Batman: Arkham video games. He’s definitely due for a big screen appearance, given that he’s a fan favorite, and we’d be thrilled to see him introduced into the DCEU with GCS.

Unfortunately, there’s been no confirmation on if indeed he’ll be making his way into the franchise, but the aforementioned easter egg certainly strengthens the case. That, combined with the fact that David Ayer, who’s directing Gotham City Sirens, has teased the character in the past, has us feeling pretty confident that we’ll see Black Mask in the not too distant future.

What do you think, though? Was this Justice League easter egg a sign of things to come? Or just a fun nod for fans to pick up on? As always, sound off in the usual place.