Danny Elfman Confirms His Batman ’89 Theme Will Return In Justice League


Once it was revealed that Danny Elfman would be returning to the DC universe to score Justice League, fans immediately crossed their fingers hoping that his iconic theme from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman would be making a comeback, too. Now, at last, we have confirmation that this is definitely going to happen.

While talking with Reporte Indigo, Elfman was asked whether he’ll feature a new theme for the Caped Crusader in Justice League or maybe just reuse Hans Zimmer’s work from either Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice or The Dark Knight trilogy. According to the composer, he used his own Batman theme, which he calls “the Batman theme.”

“No, you will not hear a new theme for Batman. You’ll hear Batman’s theme… Hans has done some wonderful, driving, rhythmic stuff, but there has only been one theme and it is the Batman theme.”

Elfman then went on to tease what other themes he’s implemented into the film:

Now, I did use the theme that Hans composed for Wonder Woman, the one that he wrote originally and used a bit – maybe – from John Williams to Superman, just maybe, we’ll have to see.”

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard that Elfman would be reusing John Williams’ legendary theme to 1978’s Superman: The Movie. Up until 2013’s Man of Steel, it had accompanied every film about the character ever made, so it’s only right that it should return. Even if Elfman will be giving it a dark twist. Likewise, Hans Zimmer’s awesome Wonder Woman theme has already become so synonymous with the hero that we would seriously miss it if it wasn’t there.

All in all, fans should be thrilled that these beloved musical themes will be featured in the movie. Some of the characters have an incredible cinematic legacy and it’s great that Danny Elfman – who’s been a big part of that in Batman’s case – is honouring this in his Justice League score. Obviously, blending a lot of old themes together doesn’t a great soundtrack make, but hopefully Elfman will create some fresh, thrilling music from all these familiar pieces.

Justice League lands in cinemas on November 7th.