Rumor Suggests A Superman Trilogy Is Headed To Blu-Ray, And It’ll Include An Extended Cut Of Justice League


What’s the one thing Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the recently-released Justice League all have common? You know, besides Zack Snyder and all the trappings of the DC Extended Universe…

That’s right, they all feature Henry Cavill’s Superman in some shape or form – even if Justice League‘s marketing campaign says otherwise. And according to a new rumor posted by El Fanboy’s Mario-Francisco Robles, Warner Bros. is “mulling over” a possible Blu-ray trilogy that bundles together those three aforementioned superhero flicks.

File this one in the rumor cabinet for now, but Robles’ allegation gets really interesting when the scribe mentions an extended cut of Justice League, which will seemingly be a part of that yet-to-be-confirmed trilogy. Assuming this is true, it’ll be a bumper version of the theatrical cut, not the fabled Zack Snyder version that is said to be floating around cyberspace.

Regardless of Robles’ latest rumor, Snyder’s original cut of Justice League would seemingly cost millions to complete, as the director stepped down from the project at a time when additional filming (and editing!) was still required – hence Warner’s decision to draft Joss Whedon into the equation at the 11th hour.

But there is hope for an extended cut, as it’ll likely bring in those deleted scenes that were left by the wayside. At least, that’s according to Mario-Francisco Robles:

On a more positive note, Justice League is now the highest-grossing DC movie ever to release in China. Having opened on more than 2,000 screens, the film’s $100 million haul places it comfortably ahead of Batman V Superman ($95.7 million), Wonder Woman ($90 million) and The Dark Knight Rises ($52.7 million). For the record, neither Suicide Squad nor The Dark Knight were ever released in China.

Justice League initially made its debut three whole weeks ago and still, fans are calling on Warner Bros. to release a director’s cut. It’s not likely we’ll ever get that, but at least there’s hope for an extended version of some sorts.