Justice League Fan Trailer Pits The Titular Team Against Darkseid


With over a year to go until Warner Bros. unites its top-tier team of superheroes in Justice League, we might have a wait on our hands before the studio unleashes the first snippet of footage. True, we’ve already seen the leading trio in action with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman sharing the screen in this year’s Dawn of Justice. But seeing them assemble alongside The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg is another thing entirely.

To bridge the gap between now and November 2017, one fan has taken it upon themselves to craft a teaser for the movie.

Stu Whitten, who works on VFX out of Pinewood Studios, cut together a terrific little trailer that incorporates elements from across the DC universe. Naturally, there’s footage from Dawn of Justice, and elsewhere, he’s tossed in a few bits from the scant pieces of Wonder Woman that we’ve seen thus far, creating a tantalizing idea of what we might get in 18 months’ time.

Weaving together those aforementioned pieces of footage pays off pretty darn well. It’s a fun foray into the world of DC’s do-gooders – which is exactly what those early set reports say we’re in for. While we’re still a ways off from receiving an official teaser, after the behind-the-scenes shuffle at the studio, Justice League is shaping up to be a different beast to its predecessor.

Negative backlash toward Dawn of Justice led to Zack Snyder and co. tweaking early concepts for the upcoming film, which is said to be aiming for a much more humorous tone. We’ll find out how that pans out, and how similar it is to Whitten’s trailer, when Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.