Justice League Fans Begging New Warner Bros. CEO For The Snyder Cut

Justice-League-Batman-Ben-Affleck (1)

Some people just don’t know when to move on. It’s been nearly two years since the underwhelming release of Justice League, but DC fanboys are still clinging to the belief that there’s a good version of the movie out there somewhere. In fact, on the day it was revealed that Ann Sarnoff has been hired to be Warner Bros’ new Chair and CEO, tons of desperate Twitter users flooded the company’s account with pleas for the release of the Zack Snyder cut. They couldn’t even let the woman enjoy her first day on the job!

The superhero film received a less than stellar reception when it opened in November of 2017 and also failed to attract as big an audience as the studio had hoped, netting only $657.9 million worldwide. Given all of the promise and talent attached to the project, many DC supporters blamed Joss Whedon for the underperformance, who took over for Snyder after he left the pic.

Shortly after release, fans began campaigning to see the original director’s cut of the movie in hopes that Snyder’s vision would be better than the finished product. At the moment, Warner Bros. doesn’t have any plans to release the Snyder Cut, but that hasn’t stopped avid enthusiasts from pining for it. Now that there’s a new CEO in charge, those same devotees are hoping Ann Sarnoff can finally deliver what they’ve long been waiting for.

Snyder certainly isn’t helping the situation by continually teasing what his cut would have looked like by divulging behind-the-scenes footage and tantalizing plot details. It remains to be seen if anyone ever gets to lay eyes on this mysterious cut of the film, but fans would be happier if they just looked at all of the promising DC features on the horizon.

That may even include a Justice League reboot directed by James Gunn and/or a huge battle for the superhero team against the Suicide Squad. In short, the Snyder Cut may never be released, but there’s still plenty to be excited about when it comes to the DCEU.