Justice League Film May Take Place In Its Own Universe

Batman On Film is reporting that the upcoming Justice League film may take place in its own universe and have its own continuity. According to their source, Warner Bros. is considering making the film so that it’s unrelated to future DC Comics-based films.

Now, this is of course unconfirmed and is only a rumor but here is what the source had to say:

“It’s being produced as if NOTHING else exists.”

Take that as you will but it looks like the studio may be giving us a film that has no tie-in to any of their other superhero flicks (present or upcoming). As Batman On Film points out though, if this were the case, it could be a bit confusing.

Imagine having one Superman storyline taking place in the Man of Steel film and a totally separate one going on in the Justice League film. The same can be said about Batman as the studio plans to reboot the character within the next few years.

While it’s true that it would be tougher to write the film in the same universe as existing and future projects, I think it’s the way that they should go. That’s what Marvel has done and look how well The Avengers turned out.

In fact, the whole tie-in and continuity aspects of the Marvel films are what’s so appealing about them. Most fans love the universe that has been created and the fact that everything takes place in the same universe adds to the fun of it all.

What do you think? Should Justice League take place in its own universe?

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