Justice League To Finish Theatrical Run At $675 Million


Looks like Justice League may well break even after all.

Box Office Guru (via ComicBook.com) brings word that Zack Snyder’s contentious blockbuster is now expected to finish its theatrical run at $675 million worldwide, putting it neck-and-neck with Man of Steel ($668 million). The advent of Star Wars: The Last Jedi had a marked effect on Justice League – ditto for the entire box office chart – resulting in a 57 percent drop for Warner’s superhero epic over the previous week, but it’s still trucking along.

That measly $4.2 million domestic haul puts JL‘s grand total at $634 million worldwide after five weeks, and Box Office Guru believes the DC tentpole still has enough gas in the tank to collect an additional $41 million before ending its theatrical run for good. Should this estimation hold true, a $675 million gross would ensure Justice League ranks lower than all other movies in the DC Extended Universe – save for the aforementioned Man of Steel.

Because it features the two biggest names in comics, Batman V Superman reigns supreme at $873m, followed by Wonder Woman ($821m) and Suicide Squad ($745m). Justice League also posted the lowest domestic opening of any DCEU yet with $93 million, which really became the canary in the coal mine for many comic book supporters.

Via Twitter:

All in all, Justice League will be remembered as another blemish on Warner’s track record. That’s because a $675 million total is reportedly enough for the film to just break even when accounting for marketing and distribution costs, after it was revealed late last month that the pic would need to clear $700 million just to get in the black. Alas, that figure appears to be slightly out of reach now, which will only lump more pressure on the burly shoulders of Aquaman.

Expect that one to make land on December 21st, 2018.