Justice League Gets The How It Should Have Ended Treatment


It’s going on five weeks since the talented folks over at How It Should Have Ended cut together an animated sketch about one of Hollywood’s biggest tentpoles – for the record, Star Wars: The Last Jedi holds that distinction – but the HISHE team is back with a new video dedicated to Justice League, Zack Snyder and Warner’s wildly ambitious blockbuster that ultimately fell flat back in November. And boy, this ‘alternate ending’ doesn’t pull any punches.

From the off, we see the Man of Steel swoop down to visit what we can only assume to be a local school, where he’s bombarded with questions about his mustache – or lack thereof. The parody video then goes on to poke fun at Justice League‘s other quirks, including the uneven dialogue, shoddy CGI and Ciarán Hinds’ mega-villain Steppenwolf, whose all-conquering masterplan was undercut by forgettable dialogue and half-baked VFX.

And we’re merely scratching the surface. Still, with Justice League now available across Blu-ray and DVD, this is a fun little post-mortem to add to the collection.

Because make no mistake, Justice League undershot expectations quite dramatically. As we reported last month, at $657.9 million worldwide, Zack Snyder’s doomed masterpiece is now officially the lowest-grossing DCEU movie yet.

That worldwide cume means Justice League is currently rock bottom of the franchise’s box office standings, behind Man of Steel ($668.0 million), Suicide Squad ($746.8 million), Wonder Woman ($821.8 million) and Batman V Superman, which collected a grand total of $873.6 million back in 2016.

All in all, Snyder’s ensemble piece will be remembered as a brilliant flash in the pan, even if there are those out there still campaigning for Warner Bros. to release a Justice League director’s cut. Our advice? Temper your expectations…

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