New Justice League Motion Poster Helps Kickoff The Flash Week


While we’re fully well aware that the wait for Justice League is arguably harder to endure now more than ever due to opening weekend being right around the corner, the folks at Warner Bros. marketing are at least helping us pass the time.

Basically, what they’re doing is taking each week leading up to the super team’s big screen debut and making them all about each individual member. Last week, they kicked things off in style by focusing on Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and, this time, it’s the Flash who enjoys the spotlight.

To begin, actor Ezra Miller greeted eager moviegoers with the following video on the film’s official Twitter page. In it, he gets us hyped for the Scarlet Speedster’s inclusion, showing us that this is a somewhat more comical take on Barry Allen than some fans have become acquainted with.

But what followed is probably even cooler. These days, we’ve grown accustomed to motion posters, and this one plays on the idea of a hero’s dual identity. Not only does it simultaneously show us Barry Allen and his alter ego of the Flash, but it does so by craftily working in his logo. Hey, when you’re in the superhero game, it’s all about brand recognition, baby.

In the next three weeks, we expect the focus to shift to Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg, though we’re not sure in what order they’ll arrive. Odds are though that we’ll cap things off with either the Dark Knight or the Amazon Warrior due to them being great moneymakers for the studio. Plus, if we do the math, there’s also room for Superman – but maybe not Green Lantern.

Justice League opens in theaters on November 17.