The Justice League Movie Will Be “Dark and Mature”

You’ve heard the “friend of a friend” shtick before, right? Well, apparently the popular phrase can have some real-life bearing as an acquaintance of comic book writer Mark Millar (Kick-Ass) was allowed to rest his eyes upon Will Beall’s script and described the upcoming (now more than ever) Warner Bros. project as “dark and mature” with a “very real-world feel.”

After everything came together for The Avengers, Warner Bros. (who owns the movie rights to all the biggest DC property) must be kicking themselves for not jumpstarting the foundations for a Justice League film years ago. Well, to make up for lost time the pieces are being put into place, and apparently Beall (Gangster Squad) has been hard at work for a year already.

Millar had more to say on the topic:

“A pal of mine is good friends with the new Justice League screenwriter and said his take on the team is incredible. Very real-world and not at all what you might expect. WB has a chequered history with their superhero characters. They’re great with their boy wizards, but less consistent with their DC stable. But my chum said that this could be a thing of beauty and has been in the works for a little while now, not just an avengers knock-off. Best of luck to them. The tidbits I heard sound quite dark and mature, which isn’t what I expected. But word on Gangster Squad is great too so I feel this is in really good hands.”

Christopher Nolan has been quite vocal about his intentions to depart the Batman franchise after The Dark Knight Rises is released on July 20 as well as saying that his films are not part of a larger picture. That being said, he and his brother Jonathan Nolan are a huge part of the upcoming Man of Steel feature and he was previously courted by WB to be the godfather of their entire superhero universe. Even so, this intended blockbuster seems to be directly inspired by the gritty edge Nolan added to his films.

With said “Batman” series intended to suffer a reboot, Man of Steel on the way and a Wonder Woman adaptation in the works, a Justice League ensemble is looking more and more likely. If Warner Bros. will go about it the same way as Marvel remains to be seen but the announcement in itself should be a welcome relief to DC fans everywhere.

Source: Millar World