Justice League Star Says Movie Won’t Be Better Than The Avengers


It’s the source of a never-ending battle between superhero fans on the internet: just whose movies are better, Marvel or DC? The rivalry between the two studios has spilled over into the casts of these films from time to time, too, with Marvel actors obviously standing up for their side while DC’s talent promote their own projects. Now, however, it seems one DC star has gone rogue, as they appear to have admitted that they don’t think the upcoming Justice League movie will be as good as The Avengers.

The star in question is Diane Lane, who plays Superman’s adoptive mother Martha Kent in the DC Extended Universe. She recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and was asked about Justice League by a DC fan who called into the show. “Can you give us any Justice League spoilers?” asked the caller. “And do you think it will be better than The Avengers?”

Straight off the bat, Lane replied: “No and no. Short but honest, I hate to disappoint.” Don’t believe us? Check it out in the video below (jump forward to the 1:40 mark).

Well, that answer seems pretty conclusive. To be fair, the actress didn’t elaborate any further, so it is possible Lane was only answering the first question about spoilers and ignored the second. However, the repeated use of the word “no” does suggest she was replying to both.

This is an interesting heel-turn from Lane on the matter of her DC movies, then, as she recently stood up for the most maligned scene from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – the infamous “Martha” moment. If the actress really is admitting that the upcoming blockbuster won’t be as good as The Avengers, one has to wonder: is her assessment of Zack Snyder’s film correct?

Unfortunately, we still have a few more months to go until we find out for ourselves, but Lane has certainly cast a bit of doubt over Justice League with her comment here.