Justice League And Wonder Woman Movies Are In The Works

After the massive success of The Avengers, speculation of DC Comics making a Justice League movie started to heat up. Rumours have been floating around for some time now that DC was hoping to put together such a film and as we learnt today, those rumors were correct.

According to Variety, Will Beall is writing the script. With credits like Gangster Squad, Logan’s Run and Lethal Weapon 5 under his belt, Beall is starting to make a name for himself in Hollywood.

Right now, all we know is that the script is being written. No word on the superhero line up, villains, casting or director but now that we know that a script is in the works, we can begin to speculate.

Furthermore, Variety is also reporting that Michael Goldenberg has been hired by Warner Bros. to pen the Wonder Woman film. The writer has written Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Green Lantern for the studio and now they want him to bring another one of their superheroes to the big screen, though I’m not sure why seeing as Green Lantern was a mess.

Not much is known about either project right now and presumably, they’re both pretty far off. That being said, it looks like DC is about to give Marvel a run for their money.