New Justice League Footage Features More Of Batman And Superman


Several months on from its release back in November, DC fans are still clamouring for extra scenes from Justice League. The long-anticipated team-up movie was definitely not everything it could have been, which was at least partly due to the behind-the-scenes troubles which saw original director Zack Snyder ousted and replaced with Joss Whedon.

While it sadly looks like a Snyder cut of the movie isn’t going to come our way any time soon, if ever, some extra bits of footage have eked out here and there, in particular through the home release of Justice League which restored the odd deleted sequence. Most notably, Superman’s much-discussed black suit.

The latest snippet is this 8 second clip offering us another brief glimpse of Henry Cavill’s Supes and Ben Affleck as Batman. It’s from the film’s VFX reel and as such, there’s no dialogue – though it’s safe to assume this would have slotted in as part of the big climactic fight with Steppenwolf.

The note at the top of the video reads “Superman CG lip sync animation,” revealing this was a scene directed by Whedon. So we’re guessing it would have seen the Man of Steel drop a one-liner.

JL: Couple more seconds of unseen footage featuring the world’s finest together, thanks to a VFX reel from DC_Cinematic

Snyder fans who might turn their nose up at yet more of Whedon’s Justice League will want to know that the director has shared a few stills of some deleted scenes from his initial version of the film. Oh, and if you really want to torture yourself, check out his explanation of a tease in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that was meant to pay off in Justice League 2 – a sequel that probably won’t happen now.

And we don’t just mean the Snyder version. Justice League is officially the lowest-grossing DCEU movie of the lot, so Warner Bros. definitely won’t be in a hurry to produce a follow-up that unites their pantheon of heroes again. And what a shame that is, eh?

Source: Reddit