Justice League Is Not A Wonder Woman Movie Says Gal Gadot


After the mixed reception to each of the first three DCEU movies, Warner Bros. really needed the fourth to be a smash hit. Luckily for them – and us – Wonder Woman proved to be just what the (script) doctor ordered. Naturally, a rumour then quickly came to light that Justice League was being reworked to bolster Gal Gadot’s role as the Amazonian princess. It seemed to make sense – obviously DC are going to capitalize on the character’s success as much as they can, right?

Gadot herself, however, spoke out to deny those claims today, in a chat with Empire (via ComicBookMovie). The actress explained that while Diana is not the protagonist of the group, she’s indispensable as she acts as “the glue of the team.”

“I did one week [for reshoots]. Diana serves as the glue of the team. She finds moments to support every one of the team and make them feel stronger or believe in themselves. But this is not a Wonder Woman movie.”

These comments pretty much trounce those reports about Justice League‘s reshoots having significantly bumped up Wonder Woman’s part in the proceedings. While Gadot clearly did some extra work on the film, it was only enough to warrant seven days on set.

However, this still leaves the door open for more scenes set on Themyscira, as has also been rumoured. It was assumed that Gadot would feature in these sequences, too, but it now looks like they’ll star Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright’s Hippolyta and Antiope instead. From what we understand, the additional segments were inserted to draw a stronger link between Steppenwolf and the Amazons and to better explain the evil general’s backstory.

Circling back to Gadot’s comments, though, and even fans of Wonder Woman can’t be upset at this news. While we’re certainly looking forward to seeing more from Diana, Justice League is a movie about the team as a whole, so it really needs to focus on each of them equally, right? Hopefully it’ll do just that when it lands on November 17th.