Justice League Prep And Principal Photography Expected To Take A Year


Even though the theatrical release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is fast approaching, that does not mean it is too soon to be thinking about the Justice League movie. After all, seeing seven of DC’s most popular heroes fighting side by side on the silver screen will soon become a reality and it is hard to imagine anybody passing up a chance to see it.

Michael Wilkinson, the man who has taken up the daunting task of developing costumes for films taking place within the DC Extended Universe, recently spoke at a panel at CCPX in Brazil. In addition to some other recent secrets that he divulged, he also revealed something interesting about the upcoming Justice League movie.

“I just started preparation on Justice League. We’re shooting the film in London. I’m gonna be be there for a year. 6 months of prepping, 6 months of shooting. We have all sorts of fantastic characters we’re bringing to life. All sorts of interesting universes. We’re looking forward to doing a whole new Justice League for the 21st century.”

We all remember what a rigorous shooting schedule Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice had, so six months of prepping and six months of shooting for Justice League sounds highly believable, although the filmmakers no doubt have an exponentially larger challenge ahead of them with this endeavor.

The length of the shoot is already causing some to speculate if Justice League Part One and Part Two will shoot back to back. While the possibility is highly feasible, let us not forget that three solo DC superhero movies are sandwiched between those two team ups. The Flash and Aquaman arrive in theaters in 2018, with Shazam also slated to arrive in 2019. The certainty of those movies increases the likelihood that back to back filming isn’t in the cards, but you never know.

As always, we’ll keep you posted when we hear more.