New Promo Introduces Us To The Justice League And Their Team Dynamic


Warner Bros. seems to be taking an interesting approach to the international marketing build up for Justice League, as this latest promotional spot demonstrates. The video is essentially new packaging for the trailer, aimed at Japan, but has the core cast introducing their characters and providing a little insight to where we’ll find them in their lives when the movie begins.

Ben Affleck describes Batman as having been inspired to lead, as a result of witnessing Superman’s sacrifice. Gal Gadot frames her description of Wonder Woman within her relationship to Batman – stating that they are perfect “partners.” Jason Momoa refers to Aquaman’s reluctance to embrace his status as heir to the throne of Atlantis, and his desire to avoid accepting the responsibility that goes along with it. Ray Fisher describes Cyborg as “unique,” and being like a “tank” that can interface with any technology. Ezra Miller, by contrast, leans all the way in and introduces himself as the “fastest man alive,” having been hit by a lightning bolt.

What’s interesting here is the way these character descriptions set up the team dynamic between the three older characters. Batman apparently takes the lead, but only in partnership with Wonder Woman – and rightly so. Aquaman, meanwhile, is something of a wild card – having his own situation going on, and being reluctantly drawn into battle by Batman. The descriptions of Cyborg and The Flash are different, though – focusing on their abilities in isolation, rather than their personalities, and the way they fit into the team.

This is interesting because we already know the characters of Batman and Wonder Woman, and we’ve seen their dynamic in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. We’ve yet to properly meet Aquaman, though. Likewise, Cyborg and The Flash are new to the big screen. So, do these descriptions reflect the way the characters are dealt with in Justice League – with Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman effectively being the senior heroes, while Cyborg and The Flash are essentially juniors? It would certainly make sense for that to be the case for The Flash, but Cyborg is a little older, and – according to teasers and trailers released so far – more comfortable with his abilities.

Whichever way you look at it, this latest promotional spot cranks up the intrigue enough to keep Justice League firmly on the list of the most highly anticipated films of the year. We have to wait until November 17th, to see the finished product, but can surely look forward to a lot more from the Warner Bros. marketing machine in the meantime.