Wonder Woman And Cyborg Share The Spotlight In Latest Justice League Promo


Diana Prince and Victor Stone lobby for the lion’s share of the spotlight in today’s all-new promo for Justice League.

Nipping at the heels of The Flash and Aquaman, this latest snippet signals the beginning of Wonder Woman and Cyborg week, which tells us that Warner Bros. is also planning a week-long showcase of Batman (and Superman, perhaps?) in the lead-up to November 17th.

But before the Caped Crusader is ushered into the spotlight, the next seven days are all about Wonder Woman and her cybernetic ally, Victor Stone. Rising from tragedy to become a force for good, Cyborg may be part machine, but he’s all superhero, and it looks certain that Ray Fisher’s costumed crusader will share a special bond with Arthur Curry in a few weeks’ time. “My man!”

Perhaps more than anything else, these bite-sized promos, which each include a sliver of new footage, are designed to spotlight the team’s camaraderie, as they join forces in the name of a common enemy: Steppenwolf.

Brought to life by Ciaràn Hinds, that DC mega-villain will wage war against Earth in order to reclaim the Mother Boxes, ancient, powerful supercomputers that were placed in the company of three factions: the Amazonians of Themyscira, the Atlanteans, and the kingdom of men. So we assume Justice League will be a globe-trotting affair, as DC’s finest crusaders come together to ward off the coming apocalypse. They won’t do so alone, mind you, what with Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel expected to swoop in at the 11th hour.

Said to span 121 minutes in length, the Justice League of America will descend into theaters on November 17th. Word is Lex Luthor and Darkseid will both make appearances, while it’s understood that Commissioner Gordon has been reduced to a bit-part.