Chinese Press Praises Brilliant First 30 Minutes Of Justice League


Everyone from fans to Warner Bros. executives are hoping that Justice League is going to be another hit for the DC Extended Universe. After all, it took three goes before the franchise broke into critics’ good books with Wonder Woman earlier this year and fingers are crossed that it’ll do so again with the upcoming tentpole.

Thankfully, the first review for the film has now arrived online and it’s extremely positive. Over in China, members of the press attended a special screening held by Warner Bros., at which the first 30 minutes of Justice League were shown. We still don’t have an analysis of the entire pic, then, but the first half hour of the movie is apparently “brilliant.”

The review was translated into English by a multilingual fan (or at least, one who’s adept at using Google Translate), and you can check it out below.

“Watched half hour of Justice League movie, it’s absolutely the most mature work of DCEU film so far. In this film, they explored the deepest possibility of this cinematic universe. The footage showed film balance well. Every hero has their brilliant moment. The whole movie attitude is very positive but also continued to explore very serious topics like Divinity/humanity. There are numerous characters in this film, but they all felt noble and mighty. They don’t dazzle you with a bunch of costume clowns so call Superheroes.  After Wonder Woman’s triumph, this year DC will definitely shine in this genre. We don’t get to see Supes in the footage, but his spirit Inspiring others through the whole thing.  All in all, people gonna love to paying for seeing this!”

It’s certainly encouraging to hear that Justice League is the “most mature” entry into the DCEU so far. This doesn’t mean that it’ll be overly serious, though, as the reviewer notes that it mixes the drama with a lot of positivity. The exploring of themes of “divinity/humanity” sounds interesting, too, and could be a continuation of the subtext from director Zack Snyder’s previous movies. Namely, Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Also worth noting here is that Superman will not appear in the first half hour of the film. Although, we might still see Lois’ dream of Clark Kent, as was depicted in the most recent trailer.

With Justice League landing on November 17th, the first full reviews should be right around the corner now. Let’s just hope that most of them are as glowing as this one.