RUMOR: Justice League Merch Seemingly Spoils Superman’s Resurrection


Plot details weaned from a Superman Funko Pop! Figure suggest Justice League will feature a huge scene involving Supes, Wonder Woman and the marauding Steppenwolf.

First spotted by Cosmic Book News, the admittedly dubious description came attached to one of JL‘s newly-released Funko Pop! Figures, which is part of the film’s ongoing marketing blitz designed to drum up excitement in anticipation of November 17th. That ought to be a red flag in and of itself, given how scores of tie-in merchandise have been built around characters and even entire scenes that haven’t featured in the movies on which they are based. Remember the “mega-armored Lex Luthor” figurine that hit store shelves prior to Batman V Superman?

With that in mind, and considering Justice League is currently in a state of flux, it’s best taking this particular rumor with a pinch of salt. But without further ado, here’s the alleged story description gleaned from that Funko Pop! Figure – spoilers will follow…

The Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Flash figures are barely holding their own against invading Parademons and an axe-wielding Steppenwolf. If only Superman — in Funko figure form — was here…

LOOK! UP IN THE SKY! Is that…is that Superman?? IT IS! It’s the Superman Justice League Movie Funko Pop Vinyl Figure and it resurrected itself moments before Steppenwolf skewered Wonder Woman with a hefty chunk of Venezuela!

Read that last sentence over again. A hefty chunk of…Venezuela?! Either something got lost in translation, or Justice League is poised to take a leaf from Infinity War‘s book and have its main antagonist hurl huge, meteoric objects toward its costumed crusaders. Or, in the more likely scenario, this description is total baloney. One way or another, we invite you to leave your own thoughts in the usual place.

All will be revealed when Justice League opens on November 17th, when Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s marquee blockbuster will be introducing us to a “more traditional [and] heroic” Dark Knight.

Source: Reddit