Justice League Snyder Cut May Be A 4-Hour Movie Instead Of Miniseries

Justice League Batman

The Snyder Cut of Justice League may have been confirmed for a March release on HBO Max, but neither the streaming service nor Zack Snyder have revealed exactly how the brand new take on the dismal DCEU blockbuster is going to roll out. We know that the running time has been doubled to four hours and it’s been refitted as a miniseries, but there’ve been no details offered on how long subscribers will need to wait between installments whether it be daily, weekly or monthly, although the latter seems highly unlikely given how long fans have been clamoring for it already.

Snyder is also contemplating the idea of a theatrical release, which would presumably indicate that his new version of Justice League flows perfectly fine as one very long movie instead of a four-episode series. That being said, the idea of the comic book blockbuster running a full hour longer than the already butt-numbing Avengers: Endgame and matching the Extended Edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is a terrifying prospect.

However, insider Grace Randolph claims that nothing has been finalized behind the scenes as of yet, and there’s still a distinct possibility that the Snyder Cut could arrive on HBO Max as a single entity, which sounds like a Herculean task that only the most dedicated of fans could commit to in one sitting without stopping for bathroom, snack or even exhaustion breaks.

If HBO Max’s Justice League debuts as a feature film, then it’ll give Zack Snyder the unique distinction of directing the three longest comic book movies ever made having already been responsible for the 215-minute Watchmen Ultimate Cut and the 183-minute Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition. But as Randolph says above, for right now, things remain up in the air.