Justice League Snyder Cut May Finally Answer A Big Batman V Superman Mystery

Batman Knightmare

The Snyder Cut of Justice League is officially on the way, meaning DC fans will get the true follow-up to Batman v Superman that the theatrical version really wasn’t – what with Zack Snyder’s signature moodiness swapped out for yucks. It’s possible that the Snyder Count might even solve a major mystery that was set up in BvS and then never returned to in the previous version of the team-up flick. Yes, I’m talking about the Knightmare sequence.

Cinemagoers were left scratching their heads by the so-called Knightmare scene back in 2016, and hardcore fans haven’t been able to piece all the parts together even now. When nodding off in the Batcave, Bruce Wayne received a vision of a dark future controlled by Darkseid where Superman appears to have become a tyrant, blaming Bats for the loss of Lois Lane’s life (it’s not outright stated, but it’s obvious). This is then followed by the Flash appearing from the future to warn him that he was right about Supes and that Lois is the key.

Snyder recently confirmed on Vero that there will be more Knightmare scenes coming in his Justice League, so it seems like we might be about to get some explanation for this dystopian dream sequence. It’s difficult to say whether it’ll all be neatly tied up, however, as we know that Snyder was originally planning for his saga to unfold across at least Justice League 2, and possibly 3, as well. In any case, we’ll certainly get some further context for it that should help fill in the blanks.

Remember, the Snyder Cut is expected to clock in at around 4 hours, so it should find time to fit in everything that fans want to see. Darkseid is coming, Martian Manhunter will put in a cameo and it’s possible there might be some reshoots with the main cast returning, too.

Justice League 2.0 – though 1.0 would be more accurate – is set to arrive on HBO Max sometime in 2021.