Justice League’s Ray Fisher Shares New Cyborg Image And Praises Zack Snyder

Image via DC Films

In the wake of the big news that Zack Snyder’s original cut of Justice League will be arriving on HBO Max in 2021, actors from the movie have been back in the headlines while speaking about their possible involvement.

Cyborg star Ray Fisher has been one of the most outspoken and recently took to Twitter to share a never-before-seen image of his character from the film. He also praised Snyder for not only giving him a chance with the role, but allowing him to have input in the part.

Cyborg was a pleasant surprise in the movie. While the more popular superheroes were getting all of the love in trailers, Victor Stone was one of the few characters to have a real arc in the film. And based on the previews, a significant portion of his story was cut from the theatrical version.

As Fisher noted in his tweet, he’d never been in a movie before being cast as Victor Stone and since then, his only other acting appearance was in season 3 of True Detective. In other words, he’s eager to showcase more of his talent in the Snyder Cut in hopes of getting more work.

After all, now that The Flash has a new director in Andy Muschietti, it could be a launching point for Cyborg to get his own movie, too. At the Aquaman premiere in 2018, Fisher spoke about the limitless power of the character and what it would mean to the world we currently live in, saying:

“One of the things is that we have so much technology, we as human beings are so dependent on technology, that the potential for Cyborg is almost limitless with what he could do,” he explained. “We’re talking about a guy who could, if he wanted to, could launch all the nukes with just a thought. He could stop all the cyber-terrorism in the world, if that was what his aim was because you don’t have people running and knocking over banks the way they used to. You’re not going and holding them up, you’re getting on your keyboard and you’re handling it that way. I think to be able to see that shift and have it be a real world, in time view of where we’re at in technology would be the most effective thing we could do.”

Say what you will about the Snyder Cut coming to fruition. But for Fisher, Justice League arriving on HBO Max just might prove to be a turning point in his young career.