Justice League Stars Reveal Which Marvel Characters They’d Like To Play


The cast of Justice League have practically only just got started playing their iconic DC heroes, but they’ve already been asked who they’d like to portray if they jumped ship to the Marvel universe.

While attending a panel at Wizard World Philadelphia, Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher – AKA the Flash and Cyborg – were quizzed by one fan on who they’d pick to play out of the whole Marvel comics canon. At first, the pair joked that they were swamped with choice, as there are so many Marvel characters that have already been translated to the big screen, as opposed to the still-growing DC Extended Universe.

“At the moment, I feel like we’re significantly outnumbered,” Miller said. “Like, we have a big pick, we have a large pick.” “There’s a billion for us to pick!” Fisher added. “They only got about six.”

When they got down to it, though, each had interesting suggestions for how they’d like to fit into the Marvel world. For starters, Miller echoed previous comments he’d made and revealed that he’d love to play the classic version of Nick Fury, who was the star of some gung-ho war stories back in the 1960s.

“I’ve said this before, I’d love to play [Nick] Fury. I’d love to play an old — a different version than the current version — but like an [older guy]. I loved those comics when I was growing up. I loved like really scary war [stories], with a traumatized, like morally injured Fury.”


Fisher, on the other hand, decided to skip the MCU and go for the most popular hero from the X-Men universe, putting his name forward to play the next incarnation of Wolverine – a role recently vacated by Hugh Jackman. “Can we pick outside of the MCU? Can I pick an X-Man or an X-Person?… I’d probably want to play the Wolverine,” said the actor. Miller seemed to like the sound of his pal portraying Logan, as he echoed: “That’d be great!”

Seeing as both Miller and Fisher likely – and hopefully – have many more DC movies ahead of them beyond Justice League, it does seem unlikely that they’ll crossover to the Marvel universe anytime soon. However, the odd supporting actor from the DCEU has appeared in the MCU before. Most recently, Laurence Fishburne (Man of Steel, Batman V Superman) joined Marvel’s franchise in the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp, so you never know.

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