Justice League Takes A Big Hit At The Box Office This Weekend


A $94 million debut weekend, a $197 million 17-day domestic total and a $567 million worldwide haul in just under three weeks would probably be a reason to celebrate for almost any other project, but when it comes to Justice League, those numbers just aren’t going to cut it.

After its third weekend in theaters, the DC tentpole is still underperforming, bringing in just $16.6 million domestically over the past few days. That marks a 60% drop and means that it’s very likely the film will earn less than Man of Steel and won’t even come close to Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad or Wonder Woman. Though it was originally predicted to hit at least $700 million globally, which would be somewhat alright, it’s now looking like it won’t even reach that milestone. Especially since Star Wars: The Last Jedi is looming on the horizon and once Rian Johnson’s sequel arrives on December 15th, it’s game over for just about every other title at the box office.

So yeah, Justice League continues to be a disappointment both critically and financially, and with Warner Bros. keeping quiet on the future of the DC Extended Universe and how they plan to proceed from here, it’s unknown how the team-up pic’s lackluster performance will impact the franchise. It won’t crumble, of course, but it’s clear that the suits aren’t happy with this situation and they’ll no doubt be heading back to the drawing board now as they attempt to course correct.

If nothing else, we hope that WB will use this as a learning experience and see that studio interference is continuously ruining their films. Justice League was meant to be a culmination/celebration of the DCEU movies released thus far, yet it felt the most out of place among the four other entries and that’s because WB didn’t trust Zack Snyder enough to follow his vision to the end. Simple as that.