Stunning Justice League Fan Art Imagines What Could Have Been


Imagine for a very brief moment that Justice League chose to resurrect Kal-El as the so-called Black Suit Superman – what would that have looked like? Pretty cool, as it turns out.

Thanks to Salman Artworks (h/t, today brings forth not one, but two pieces of fan art that imagine Henry Cavill in the famous guise. He happens to be sporting a great big bushy beard, too, which only leaves us feeling all the more disheartened that Warner Bros. decided to call upon some dubious CGI trickery in order to mask Cavill’s facial hair.

Long story short, the towering Brit was contractually obliged to retain his lip fuzz, even when Justice League‘s production ran into overtime. Indeed, once Joss Whedon began orchestrating those much-touted reshoots, the film overlapped with Mission: Impossible 6, which will see a mustached Henry Cavill share the screen with Tom Cruise. Look for that one to deploy in July, by which point Justice League will surely be available across both Blu-ray and DVD.

To whet our appetite for all that juicy bonus content, here’s those beautiful (and fan-made!) pieces by Salman Artworks:

One thing’s for sure: amid Justice League‘s storied production, Zack Snyder and/or Joss Whedon shot one or two scenes with Henry Cavill in the famous black suit, spawning an online petition that has since amassed more than 150,000 signatures. Warner Bros. has been keeping mum ever since, which leads us to believe that the chances of Henry Cavill’s Black Suit Superman being showcased to the public are slim to none.

Besides, there’s a good chance those scenes were left in an unfinished state. Although, at this rate, Justice League fans will take anything that’s available – even if it is just test footage.