Warner Bros. Reportedly Considered Parting Ways With Zack Snyder Before Justice League


At least so far, the DC Extended Universe has been defined by record-breaking highs (Wonder Woman) and crushing lows (Suicide Squad). But 2016 was a particularly difficult year for Warner’s fledgling franchise.

Off the back of Man of Steel, the studio readied its titanic, crowd-pleasing flagship, Batman V Superman. Because it involved two of the biggest names in comic book history, Dawn of Justice was championed as the cinematic equivalent of a slam-dunk leading up to release – one that would easily muscle its way into Hollywood’s exclusive billion-dollar club. The end result, however, was a muddled, CG-laden mess. And don’t even get us started on Suicide Squad.

No matter what way you spin the numbers, Batman V Superman didn’t light up the box office in the way Warner Bros. would have hoped. This, coupled with the deluge of scathing reviews, reportedly left WB mulling over Zack Snyder’s future in the DC Extended Universe, after sources close to The Wrap now suggest that the studio considered parting ways with Snyder prior to Justice League.

It’s another troubling allegation put forward by The Wrap, after we caught wind of Justice League‘s messy production, along with the decision to keep hold of the November 17th release date in the name of corporate greed. Because if there’s one movie that could’ve used more time in the oven, it’s Justice League.

But The Wrap is asserting that JL‘s behind-the-scenes drama can be traced all the way back to Batman V Superman, when a number of Warner Bros. executives allegedly expressed their concern about Zack Snyder taking control of the DCEU’s biggest movie to date. It’s even been claimed that Jon Berg, a veteran producer of DC Films, was ordered to Justice League‘s set in order to monitor the film’s production costs, which purportedly ballooned past $300 million.

Replacing Zack Snyder at the 11th hour would have been too costly, of course, but in light of these damning claims, you have to wonder if Snyder’s time in the DC Extended Universe is coming to a close – if it hasn’t already.