The Justice League Face The X-Men In Universe-Shattering New Trailer


With the ongoing Disney/20th Century Fox deal making it look like a crossover between the Avengers and the X-Men could actually become a possibility in the not-too-distant future, we need to come up with a new superhero team-up movie to fantasize about that could never actually happen. Enter this new fan-made trailer that imagines what would go down if DC and Marvel collided for a Justice League vs. X-Men film.

What’s impressive about the trailer is how it manages to blend the tones of the DC Extended Universe and the X-Men movie universe so well. Choosing 2014’s Days of Future Past to merge with Justice League was a clever idea, as both films are fueled by the idea of hope spurring the heroes out of a dark age (the Sentinel-controlled future/a world where Superman is dead) and into a brighter future. This is brought to the fore by having Professor X saying to Superman: “Please, we need you to hope again.”

The 3 and a half minute trailer also teases lots of awesome battles that fans would love to see on the big screen, thanks to some nifty editing. Superman vs. Wolverine. Storm vs. Wonder Woman. Flash vs. Quicksilver (obviously). Batman vs. Magneto. There’s a lot of power on both of these superhero teams and we’re sure that Marvel and DC fans could argue all day about who would win in a proper fight between the two.

As said above, while a Justice League vs. X-Men movie wouldn’t ever happen, it’s looking more and more likely that Avengers vs. X-Men could come to fruition instead. The last update we had on the Disney/Fox situation claimed that the House of Mouse is “progressively speeding towards” finalizing the acquisition. Having said that, Marvel chief Kevin Feige has assured fans that a crossover is not currently on the cards, so who really knows?

Either way, you can catch the Justice League in cinemas now, while the mutants return in X-Men: Dark Phoenixarriving November 2nd, 2018.