Report Suggests Zack Snyder Initially Planned To See Justice League Over The Finish Line


Justice League may not be the greatest or most successful film of 2017, but Zack Snyder’s ensemble piece will still be remembered as one of the more historic movies ever created under Warner Bros.’ roof – regardless of the box office numbers and/or Rotten Tomatoes score.

Bringing together DC’s finest roster of heroes, Justice League certainly delivered on the action front, as Batman and the gang joined forced in the face of a common enemy: Steppenwolf. Ciarán Hinds’ butt-ugly supervillain didn’t make much of a first impression – no thanks to the film’s spotty CGI – and if you’re wondering why Warner Bros. never considered delaying Justice League to allow more time for visual effects, a new report from The Wrap claims corporate greed intervened.

Indeed, sources close to the outlet even went so far as to claim that Warner’s bigwigs considered parting ways with Zack Snyder soon after Batman V Superman fell flat – what should have been a billion-dollar hit ultimately released as a muddled, incoherent mess. History tells us that the studio decided to stand by Snyder for Justice League, though it’s now been claimed that the filmmaker initially wanted to remain involved with the film despite the tragic death of his daughter Autumn back in March.

Autumn Snyder sadly took her own life in March of 2017, prompting Zack to step down from Justice League and hand over the keys to two-time Avengers director Joss Whedon.

But one source close to The Wrap asserts that Snyder initially considered seeing the pic over the finish line, as he viewed work as a “kind of refuge” from grief – for what it’s worth, the filmmaker chose to double down on Snow Steam Iron during the summer months, a short passion project shot entirely on an iPhone.

Here’s an extract from The Wrap:

At first, an insider said, the director’s plan was that ‘work was gonna be kind of a refuge.’ But then it wasn’t. Snyder was under added pressure because Warner Bros. was embracing ‘the lighter, different, more confectionary ideas of Joss,’ the insider said. ‘It stopped being a good situation on any level.’

Fast forward to now and fans are petitioning Warner Bros. to release Zack Snyder’s director’s cut of Justice League, which is either locked away in the studio’s vault in an “unfinished, but notable state,” or simply doesn’t exist, depending on who you choose to believe.