Joss Whedon Calls Henry Cavill The Best Superman Since Christopher Reeve


Though Man of Steel and Batman V Superman are two of the most divisive comic book movies out there, it seems that Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman himself has come under a reappraisal of late with many fans citing him as perfect casting for the Kryptonian hero and saying he was stifled by the films he was in.

It seems someone who also feels this way is a director who’s actually responsible for one of Cavill’s DC movies. It all began when Priscilla Page tweeted that “Henry Cavill was a solid Superman & it pains me that we’ll likely never get to see him in a more Donner-esque film.”

None other than Justice League‘s Joss Whedon followed this up by adding the following to the conversation: “Cavill is a GREAT Superman – definitely the best since Reeves, and could take the top spot with the right material/barber.” Whedon later clarified that he was referring to Christopher Reeve, generally every fan’s pick for the best Supes, and not George Reeves, who played the Man of Steel in the 50s.

Whedon’s “barber” comment, meanwhile, is of course a joke at the expense of Cavill’s infamous CG top lip in JL, a botched bit of effects trickery that was necessitated by the actor sporting a thick mustache for his role in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, which the British star filmed concurrently with JL‘s reshoots. And those reshoots were overseen by Whedon, replacing original director Zack Snyder.

Speaking of whom, Snyder loyalists still demanding WB to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut couldn’t believe that Whedon was making a jab at the DCEU movies by saying that Cavill’s still waiting for “the right material.” After all, those who enjoy MoS and BvS didn’t appreciate the lighter-hearted, faux-Reeve approach that Whedon took with the character, and a quick peak at the replies to Whedon’s tweet will tell you how angry some fans still are about the JL debacle.

As it stands, Justice League could very well be the final time Cavill plays Clark Kent, as reports say that the star and the studio have fallen out, leading WB to develop a Superman-less Supergirl movie instead. If that’s the case, time will tell how Henry Cavill goes down in the pantheon of cinematic portrayals of the Man of Steel.

Source: Twitter

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